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Whit’s End Consulting provides HealthTech and digital health consulting services from the perspective of a practicing health system CIO.

My 28 years of healthcare experience spans large and small integrated delivery networks, government and private sector, provider and vendor. My expertise is a great match for healthcare IT investors, healthcare IT product / service managers, and provider organizations looking for help with:

  • Healthcare IT product and service strategy

  • Healthcare IT sales strategy

  • Healthcare analytics strategy

  • Healthcare ERP strategy
  • Value-Based Care IT strategy   

J.D. Whitlock

CIO, Dayton Children’s (2018-Present)

VP, Enterprise Intelligence, Mercy Health (2012-2017)

VP, Research, Evolvent Technologies (2009-2012)

Air Force Medical Service Corps (1996-2009)

J.D. Whitlock

Why “Whit’s End?” I am the only son, of an only son, of an only son — and I have two (fabulous) daughters. So my line of Whitlocks ends with me.